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    Post Domain Name Servers


    How would I go about setting up Bind on one of my Dedicated Servers? I noticed that you use three dns servers through pipedns and I thought you might be able to help me answer this question.

    How would I be able to have my friends and I point our domains to my server(s) and have bind make it work? I want to have one dns server and then I have my friends each on there own DEDI using my bind dns servers but I'm not sure how to do this.

    How would we add domains and the bind server know which server they are hosted on? Do you have to add the domains through bind? If so, how would I do that automatically and how would it work through cPanel when someone parks a domain?

    I hope you might be able to answer my questions.


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    I think I will need to do something with bind and automate it. I'm not sure though. Any tutorials?

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    Do you have cpanel on your server where you want to park the domain?
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    Yes, I have cPanel on my dedicated server.

    I want to park multiples of domains that are registered through my web hosting. But I want them to use custom dns without 2 dns servers per server. How would I go about with that?


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    Would I use DNS Clustering or something via cPanel?

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    Does anyone know what to do??

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