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    Need your help before signing up


    i'm planning to join Paypal,& need to make sure about this :

    i know for uploading funds from bank account to paypal account is something very common,but
    Does Paypal allow the withdrawal of funds from Paypal account to Bank account ? if no,then how will i withdraw funds from paypal to my personal Bank account ? any possible way ?

    will i need to link my Bank account to credit/debit cards (Visa,Mastercard,Amex....) to withdraw my Payal funds to my personal Bank account ?


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    Yes, you can transfer money to and from bank accounts in most cases but it varies based upon your country. Contact PayPal directly and ask them or provide your country so that people here can help.
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    Yes they offer you to transfer money from & to your paypal account via your bank account. And yes you will need to give paypal your bank account details.

    Paypal is the most used way of buying selling things via the internet and i 100% reccomend you to them.

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    I agree, its the safest way. Ever since I had an account with them, I've always used it on all my transactions online.

    Anyway, at the OP, yes like they said, you could withdraw your money on paypal to your bank account. Just provide your bank account details. Make sure its correct, entering details is very important.

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    Linking your PayPal to your bank is the only way to withdraw "cash" from your PayPal account easily and is a free service. (no fees)
    Otherwise you would have to get a PayPal debit card or use the money you have in PayPal just for paying other merchants who accept PayPal. So if you want to be able to get the "cash" from your PayPal account you need to link a bank for withdrawals. Then say you have $300 in PayPal and want to transfer $100 to your bank you just click the "withdraw" tab and it will ask how much, you enter the amount in a box and it will confirm it is about to transfer $100 to the bank account ending in 1234 and you click proceed-it takes 3-4 business days and shows up in your bank. (As stated above be sure all your routing numbers and such are entered correctly when you set it up)

    2. PayPal also has what they call a "backup funding source" which is where they will get the money if there isn't enough for a purchase in your PayPal account. This is not required but you never know when you might want to use PayPal to pay for something and be a few dollars short of the amount you need. You can use the same bank account, or a credit card; that's up to you. It doesn't have to be the bank account unless you want it to. Either way it's nice because the merchant still only knows you paid with PayPal not that some of the money came from a credit card or your bank account so you keep that bit of privacy (and may also be protected by PayPal's policies in some cases)

    PayPal is a great payment and purchasing option. I prefer when customers use it because they are cheaper than Credit Cards because the fees are lower all things considered and I like to pay people I'm not familiar with with PayPal because certain purchases are eligible for buyer protection.

    The "bad stories" you hear about "PayPal took my money" & such can always be traced back to somebody that was doing something shady to start with-someone complained because products were not being delivered or whatever and so PayPal held the funds while the dispute was resolved. For the honest person transactions are usually smooth. And if you are a host and offer a X day money back policy it's much easier to reverse the money therough PayPal than the credit card companies also.
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    yes you can withdraw your funds to your bank account. The fee will be 5 dollars, for some countries its free

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    so for withdrawing funds from paypal account to Bank account is made by few online clicks,but how about UPLOADING funds from Bank account to Paypal ! is it the same way ! how many time it takes to get your paypal account fund ( from your bank account ) ?

    thnx so much,

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    You can get answers to these questions much faster by PayPal's website. On the front page, left hand side, click the link for "How PayPal Works". That's probably a good place to start.

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    You can contact them directly by phone. You will have to sign up with them, then login to your account. You will see help link. Click on that and navigate to contact by phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rigliz View Post
    so for withdrawing funds from paypal account to Bank account is made by few online clicks,but how about UPLOADING funds from Bank account to Paypal ! is it the same way ! how many time it takes to get your paypal account fund ( from your bank account ) ?

    thnx so much,

    There are tabs on your control panel in PayPal. You can send to your bank account, you can get money from your bank account and you can also send money to other PayPal users.
    Paypal has been around a long time and has passed all the new security requirements.
    It is a great merchant gateway for you t receive payments from your websites.
    Many people think that they can only use the paypal gateway to pay with a credit card only if they have a paypal account. Not true. There is a section for choosing your preferences and your clients can pay with a credit/debit card even if they do not have a paypal account. If they want to pay by echeck then they must have an account.
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