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    * recommend best vps provider

    Hey all,

    recommend me best vps provider

    core to du 2ghz xeon

    512-1g ram

    drive=40 g
    uptime 99.9 ideally 100%
    dedicated ip upto 5
    managed vps
    quick and co-operative support
    brand ideally dell

    I have good experience in dedicated but I am in search good and
    cheap vps provider

    people who already have experience with host are welcome to suggest
    need 100% geniune review
    number of my sites are on dedi hosts I am already with
    are theplanet & Rackspace.
    But I want to know alternative services too
    specially cheap and quality togather

    thanks in advance

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    How much are you looking to pay for a VPS with those specs?
    Charles W. @ Nexeon Technologies, Inc. - Have a question? PM or email me directly! - c[@]
    Dedicated servers, colocation, cloud, game servers, on-site & remote DDoS protection, and more! Managed options available.
    Data Centers in Chicago, New York, & more! IPv4 and IPv6 available! Contact us for data center buildout & network consultation. - Instantly delivered dedicated servers located in Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

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    The words "good" and "cheap" generally don't go well together when it comes to hosting. Check the VPS offers forum and you might be able to find something suited.

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    budget could be any but I am looking for cheap and quality together.
    to my knowlege a good linux dedi comes upto $100-125 and dedi. server starts from $60 so VPS needs to be lower from dedi. option
    I am not looking for offers by hosts?
    I am looking for recommendation from a person who can recommend me some quality vps providers on basis of his personal experience.

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    Unmanaged or Managed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vxen View Post
    Unmanaged or Managed?
    I think I v mentioned all details in my post, anyway looking for managed

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    There are a ton of reviews on these forums you just need to search. For Managed hosts I'm recommending Knownhost, ServInt and WiredTree.

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    Hello websiteguy,

    Noticed you didnt say if you require an control panel? cpanel, plesk.

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    Sorry, my eyes slipped..

    however if you want quality and cheap get along together, I would like to suggest WiredTree (they have an offer for WHT) , however recent threads about them make me smallhearted.

    Have you look at KnownHost?

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    I have checked three , and found knowhost reviews better than servint , actually I selected a single thread randomly.
    wiredtree looks good and affordable any one have experience with them.
    I am looking for whm/cpanel for cp.
    in those three who is best in uptime, I like to have quick support but as I am sys admin no issue just need to be root every where
    from those three which will you recommend ?

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    In my experience (and others may have a different experience) uptime is a Knownhost specialty. Out of the many hosts I've tried they have the highest consistent uptime.

    If you don't need managed services (since you are a sys admin) I also suggest you look at Linode or Slicehost which offer unmanaged services and have great uptime.

    But nothing is going to beat your own experience so I suggest you join whatever communities are offered by the hosts start posting your questions (to get a feeling for the community) and contact the host directly with pre-sales questions. That's going to at least get you an initial impression since you're talking about top rated hosts.

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    thanks everyone! just got a news hostgator launched vps too, lets see who takes that and whats the result overall HostGator is a reputable host
    as I am looking for best VPS , my search is still active

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    Well, maybe you could try checking the offer section forum to see a few offers that you like. Then look for a review about the host that you're interested. =) That might help.

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    I recommend LiquidWeb.

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    All I can say is... that I am happy with Futurehosting since January of 2008.

    Of course there are other great quality providers out there, and would not recommend against them, but if you are looking for someone who has been with a host for almost 2 years and completely happy... then they are of course my recommendation.

    Good luck in your search! hope you find the one that best fits your needs.

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    I have had a good experience with Fivebean Media ( where I have a VPS for my personal email, website and file storage. I have not had any downtime (except when I restart the server myself) and their support is very quick to response to my questions.

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