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    Hello from Poland

    Hello everyone,

    I am a graphic designer/illustrator from America, however I reside in Poland. I thought I would start getting myself out there and this looked like a really well established web forum to start. If anyone is interested here is my website is


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    Hi stevenmyer and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Hi! Enjoy your stay!

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    Hi mate, Enjoy the stay

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    Does anyone know why most posts are not showing that I am posting things? I have posted things in over seven different threads and my status still says I haven't posted anything, what gives?

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    Hi stevenmyer,

    Some forum categories have a "minimum (relevant, non-advertising, non-fluff) post count" and/or "minimum length of membership" restriction before a member is allowed to start a new thread. Please read the Forum Description and the Announcement within if you get a permissions error while trying to start a thread. If you choose to make meaningless posts to circumvent this restriction, your account will be disabled.


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    I seem to be following all of the rules. It's strange I can go and see all the posts I have on record and yet it still is not toting up those posts at all. Do I have to post in certain threads for it to be considered a "post"?

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