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    Dedicated ip's

    Sorry if this doesnt go here

    I have 2 sites hosted on one host that ive had for about 3 weeks. One site has been around 7 months while the other site i built after i bought the new host.

    Ive had reports this week that some people are finding it hard to get onto my new site, one told me today "it takes 20mins to load" and they were not exaggerating, another said 'the link is broken' after i twittered it. But when i try my site, it 100% always works and loads within 1 minute.

    So would it be worth my while to buy a dedicated ip, and do i buy one from the host itself? As im unsure how it all works. Or shall i sit here and watch ppl complain on the other sites i run about how they cant access my new site

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    I do no think that the problem requires and additional IP address to host the new domain (but if you want to buy another IP address it will be from your host). It seems that it is either a load issue on the server, a misconfiguration on the new websites setup, or perhaps a DNS issue. You may want to have your host run some tests on the domain or log into the server and check the server logs for errors.
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    Tbh ive never had so many problems like what i do with the new host, but i stick with it, as i hate switching hosts and i hate messing around my visitors when i have downtime. But they are rather quick with helping with the problems in support.
    So far its only been this week that im getting these "cant access" reports and the host did have a big outtage so i guess il ask them if they can see any errors.

    Thanks for replying
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    It looks like a routing problem at their end. Please have them provide you with the traceroute results for the domain so that we can identify where the problem lies.
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    I agree, getting a dedicated IP is not the answer here, can you give us more information about the hosting package you are using? if your host has had a big outage there may still be an ongoing issue there side, a bit more questioning may revel the answer, not all hosts are forthcoming with all the information about this kind of thing unless you push a little.


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