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Thread: Apache error

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    Apache error

    Hey peeps,I bought a keyweb vps today,but facing some problem with installing apache,

    Check the image,what should I put there.

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    Do you have a domain name? Put your domain name in the first two text boxes. Don't have a domain name? Put localhost in both. You can re-configure these later. You can also add what's known as vhosts for each domain you have later. For e-mail address, put an e-mail address that you don't mind being public. Sign up for a new GMail account if you don't have an e-mail you want to make public. All of these can be reconfigured later. Also, feel free to use the hosting software forum for questions about software. Virtual Servers - Cutting edge technology, first class network, affordable prices! Managed and unmanaged. Virtual and Dedicated. Shared hosting, web design, application development, and more. Contact us here, or our website!

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    Servers have a hostname and domain name this is what allows people to find your server on the internet without having to type in a IP address everytime as that would be the easiest thing to remember.

    So basically your server wants to know what domain/hostname it should be expecting requests for from the internet.

    If your server has no domain you should set it to localhost
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