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Thread: SPF record help

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    SPF record help


    Common scenario; email sent from our server to Yahoo does not arrive. It is so bad that we have a 23% order completion rate for Yahoo users. To compare, Gmail is 83%.

    We send emails to confirm registration, and also to remind users to complete their invoices.

    Our setup is like so:

    User registers at, a different server to

    Upon registering an email is sent to the user using the web server but with a from address of [email protected]

    Our [email protected] email address is hooked up to Google Apps as this is who we use to manage our inbox.

    Could someone please explain to me how to construct our SPF records? I am slightly confused as we have a mail server, a different reply to domain and MX records with Google ..


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    Edit: Actually upon further inspection Yahoo is accepting our emails. I still do not understand though why our order completion rate for @yahoo users is so damn low.

    I would still like an example as it should be setup anyway.


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    that site should help you.

    Life's what you make it.

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    Please note - yahoo checks DOMAINKEYS , rather than spf.

    Domainkey records have a higher value according to them.

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