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    Ubuntu 9.10 Released

    I use it on VM Player on Windows 7 right now and its very nice compared to 9.04!

    It tells you about what Ubuntu offers when it installs now and the background when it loads looks amazing! Ubuntu has a quite of bit other things that changed but its rather positive.

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    I have both the desktop version on my home machine and the netbook version on my eee pc. The netbook version has a rather interesting setup and the desktop version is running much cleaner that previous versions. Really enjoying it so far.
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    I don't like the new Software Center, the previous Add/Remove which has rating was better for me.

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    I was kinda hesitant to upgrade at first because on the ubuntu forums so many people where having problems after upgrading. However, I went ahead and upgraded and couldn't be happier. I don't mind the new software center but the old one was kinda nice as it did have ratings next to the software. No biggie though.

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    still on fedora . fedora is getting tougher these days . look at distrolinux and fedora is getting higher every day .

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    Yeah, 9.10 is pretty sweet aside from the upgrade issues that many people have had. I was running the Karmic alpha for a few weeks before it went live due to kernel/driver issues on a MythTV backend, had no issues w/ upgrading or anything else for that matter... Once the final was released, I upgraded about 5 boxes and 3 out of 5 of em wouldn't boot. Ugh. After fixing the boot issues, they're all running smoothly, though I'm afraid to update anymore. ha. The new boot graphics are pretty sweet too, I was surprised to see that.

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    Upgraded now was hesitant because of all the negative review will post the reviews.

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    I am interested to know if anyone using ubuntu/or any linux and windows together with samba for file sharing as we are facing file locking issue betweem these two different O/S. This is a known issue for so long, not sure if there is any perfect solution for this yet.

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    I am running Ubuntu on Virtual Box right now. I am thinking about partitioning my hard drive so that I can run Ubuntu by dual booting it.

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    9.10 has a lot of improvements new one has got a nice GUI linux is getting easier. Though had some minor installation problems but sorted it out...

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