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    * [Gigapulse] Free Hosting(no strings attached)... Try us and you'll never leave us..

    Hello WHT members and Guests,

    We bring for you a brand new offer.

    So why are we offering free hosting?

    We opened a thread called "New hosting companies vs. Established ones" at webhosting discussion forum.
    In response we got many replies, and some people said that why would a person invest his hard earned money on a new company. So we have decided that we will offer free hosting for a whole month so that people can come to know that even a new company can prove itself if you give it a chance.

    After our successful completion of 100% discount offer..... Now we are giving people a chance to try us totally free... And we mean it. There are no strings attached at all, you even don't have to show us your invoice from previous host. The only restriction is that this is limited to few people as only few slots will be available for free accounts.

    We are opening this offer to all the members of WHT so that you people can try us and know us well. Also in this period we would be able to prove you that we are worth it !!

    Details for Free Account:-

    2 Gb Space
    20 Gb Bandwidth
    All features including cPanel, fantastico and softacolous.

    --> In short you will get our 'SMALL' shared hosting plan. So to know more about the features click here.

    **We would be setting up all the free accounts manually to avoid abuse. So it may take up some time, but still we'll do it in least possible time.

    How to get your free account?

    -- To order you package click here. And use the Coupon code:- "WHTFree" without quotes.
    After your order has been placed one of our staff member will manually approve your order and your account details will be sent to your email address.

    We have taken a step forward to prove ourselves. Now is your turn to give us an opportunity to serve you....


    Use Coupon Code:-

    Thank You

    Kind Regards,

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    Just wanted to update you all that only few more free hosting slots are available now...

    So please register fast before some1 else takes your chance.

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