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    Thumbs down - don't go !! no backups !!


    Today I had the below conversation with one of the agents .. read it before you to

    Welcome to the chat support. We are doing our best to answer your queries soon. We kindly ask for your understanding that our answers may be delayed during busy periods.
    You are now chatting with 'Jasmin'
    Jasmin: Thank you for using 24/7 Interactive Online Support. My name is Jasmin. How may I assist you?
    you: Hello, I wlould like to have a complete backup of all my files inside my webspace
    Jasmin: Hi.
    you: I'm going to do an upgrade of the software and I need to have a backup in case of disaster
    Jasmin: You need to download all your files from the server using an FTP program like filezilla to your local computer.
    you: I can do that by FTP but that will take hours
    you: can't you zip them or so ?
    Jasmin: We cannot do that for you unfortunately. We take backups but we only use this in cases of hardware failures.
    Jasmin: You have to manually back your files up using FTP.
    you: so ... what if my site crashes or so ??? can I ask for a backup ?
    Jasmin: You can do them by batch to avoid getting timeout issues.
    Jasmin: Unfortunately, we do not offer to provide backups to customers. This is only used on our end.
    you: are you serious ???
    Jasmin: Yes, i am.
    you: man ... I hate to say it , but I'm going to search for another host then
    Jasmin: I believe most hosting providers recommend the same procedure for backup. But if you wish to transfer to another provider you think is suitable for you, then please get back to us if you wish to discontinue your subscription with us.
    you: yes, but they use plesk or cpanel or something like that
    you: and there you can create backup files very rapidly
    you: this is not possible here
    Jasmin: No, it is not.
    Jasmin: Our control panel is a proprietary application of We do not offer cpanel access to accounts.
    you: I know that ... but in the panel of there is no option to backup
    Jasmin: No, there isn't unfortunately.
    you: this is the third dissapointment I have right now with ... there is no customer backup, there is no ioncube and yesterday there was downtime because of an upgrade without notification to the customers
    you: and also the servers seems to getting slower and slower by day
    you: its not your fault , but you see what i'm getting to ?
    Jasmin: Yes, i completely understand your aggravations. Please note that since we are a shared hosting provider, server usage may be limited and some server configurations may be restricted for modifications. I wish I could do something about this but a common setup is provided across all accounts.
    you: thank you very much for your help, but I'm going to move to another host, I really really need backup provided by the hoster, this is crucial for me
    Jasmin: My pleasure.
    Jasmin: Do you want me to give you the cancellation link now?
    you: have a nice day, I need to find another host :-)
    you: yes please
    Jasmin: May i have the domain name please?
    you: Can I transfer the domain to another host without any problems ?
    you: the domain name that is
    Jasmin: As per your request, we have sent a cancellation e-mail to the registered e-mail address of this domain. The cancellation is completed once you have received a receipt via e-mail.
    Jasmin: After confirming cancellation, to initiate the transfer, please perform as follows:
    Jasmin: - Send an e-mail to [email protected]' and make a request to unlock your domain and provide you the Auth-ID. Hostmaster will send the requested information to the e-mail address registered as contact for this domain.
    Jasmin: - Send the Auth-ID to your new provider to start the transfer process. Your new provider should send an approval e-mail to to confirm the transfer, which we will approve within 5 days.
    you: okay , thank you very much
    you: but I need to search for another host yet, so if i'm not clicking the cancel email then the hosting with keeps goign right ?
    Jasmin: Yes that is right.
    Jasmin: Do not confirm cancellation if you haven't found a suitable provider yet.
    you: okay, you are very helpfull , have a nice day
    Jasmin: You are welcome. Feel free to contact us again for any further assistance. Bye and hope you have a nice time : )

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    You should ALWAYS maintain your own backups, then you wouldn't of needed to hassle with the request of zipping.

    I know of a few host that do backups for themselves only, its because they take a whole disk image.

    Then again, they should be able to escalate your request to someone who could ssh and zip/tar it for you.
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    I have to say the REP. is totally helpful.
    But they do not provide cpanel then?
    Some host only make bucks used on their ends.But I do not think charge the customer a little when they need to use that back up would hurts any.
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    The title seems a bit unfair. It appears that they do have backups, but for their own use (disaster recovery) not your convenience. Would this be the $1.45 per month plan you're on?
    Quote Originally Posted by eric_pu View Post
    I have to say the REP. is totally helpful.
    And professional too. Good job Jasmin!

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    Find a way to do your own backups and never rely on your web host for backups, I don't think there is any web host out there that guarantees backups.

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    That was a good support chat reading and it sucks that one doesn't provide thier customers with a way to backup thier account via the control panel (e.g. compressed archive).

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    As people say, "Maintaining Your Own Backups" are always the best practices and procedures.
    - Never rely on a Webhosting Provider to perform or maintain your backups, Even if they say they do on their websites.

    Each Webhosting Company has it's own Backup and Restore features, If you really want to have a Webhosting Company whom will maintain your backups and provide a copy for you or who will restore your account back to a certain date or time because of a failure or error then you should contact them prior to buying your service with them.
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    Anrtivirus, encription and backups that is what you need take care of personally
    That is yours and do not hope your web hosting company will do that for you unless you pay for that.

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    Find a web host that offers daily backups. I found one that offers this on the WHT offers forum and they have kept their promise
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    Quote Originally Posted by foobic View Post
    The title seems a bit unfair. It appears that they do have backups, but for their own use (disaster recovery) not your convenience. Would this be the $1.45 per month plan you're on?
    And professional too. Good job Jasmin!
    I have to agree with the above comment, they do provide backups for disaster recovery, so that is good to know. Also, Jasmin seemed to be very helpful and professional to you, sound good.

    Personally though, I think it would be nice of them to at least zip the file up for you and make it accessible to you. This would be nice even if they charged a small fee for the service, but not a necessity if they do not offer it. Like others have stated above, it is important to verify that the host which you sign up with, offers some sort of remote backup accessibility. Like the tech staff stated, their control panel is proprietary, so that is just one extra thing that potential customers need to take into account before signing up.

    I guess this is just one of those prime experiences to learn from, like I tell everyone that I run into, make sure you make your own backups of any and everything on a regular, because no one wants to take responsibility when something goes wrong (Always remember Murphy's Law).

    Note to OP, when you do make your back up, make sure you make the necessary backup for any database that you may have as well either through PHPmyAdmin or another source. I don't think their support staff mentioned that, so this is just a heads up if you have any databases.

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    And professional too. Good job Jasmin!

    Now, back to the OP's issue, I don't know about's control panel, but some other proprietary ones have a file manager, and it often (but not always) has an "archive" feature, allowing you to zip folders. That will make downloading a backup of your files a lot easier and faster. But, if the tech did not mention the possibility, they probably don't have it.

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    LOL so polite when loosing a customer. Definitely not deserving of the title.

    To the OP have you tried taring stuff up via php? Just make a php script that runs a tar command:

    system("tar -czf backup.tgz *");
    Upload it to your server home directory. Then make a cron job in's control panel to run that script. You could also try calling it via your browser if the directory structure permits.

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    You might be able to do it with a CRON job as well. But you're likely to run into timeouts either way, and may have to divide up the job. Which is a pain.

    If you're on a shared server you're also likely to take up a lot of CPU, which is a problem for other users if you have a lot of files and it goes on too long (hence the timeouts, of course). It might even get you suspended.

    All things considered, it's best to let the support people do it if it's a large job and there's no automated way provided. This is the only fault I can see in Jasmine's response.
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    SO many cry baby's on this forum.YOU guys alway's want someone to Bale you out. DO your own back up like i due daily.FOR GOD'S SAKE'S DO SOME READING BEFORE YOU GO WITH A HOST.But other than that have a nice weekend.

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    technically they do have back ups. It is just that you cant do back up manually. However, having manual back ups are every important just in case your site crashes or gets hacked.

    However these personal backs might be blocked because of high server resource usage.

    If your site is that big and important ... why not just get a raid protected VPS???

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