you know already that we have one of the best data centers in 55 Marietta st. building - I will not repeat all the stuff that we've got and differentiates us from others - you can see all of that at http://www.tulix.com - our new site!

Regarding our specials:

All Inclusive 1000:

42U lockable cabinet
20 AMP/110V (A)
20 AMP/110V (B for redundancy - if used additional charge will apply)
10 Mb/s dedicated (3250GB one way and 3250GB the other way) bandwidth on a 100 Mb/s port with 100% capacity off our 65xx switch
0 Mb/s redundant network drop (with the same gateway, since we are using redundant network modules and supervisor cards in our 65xx switches)
24/7 access with fingerprinting device
up to 15 minutes free remote hands during business hours (9 - 6 EST)
Online graphs for network utilization
Online graphs for power utilization (coming soon)

Price $1,000 per month, no setup fee

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to get even bigger discount.