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    Can you improve how much Adsense pays you per click?

    As the title says, is there a way to improve the amount adsense pays per click (LEGALY), do it has to do with content of the website or what is it that triggers it? as I state it on another post 99.9% of the clicks on my sites pay between 0.02 and 0.10, not sure if I'm doing something wrong here....

    Any advise or expericenses that you can tell me would help.

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    you can look for top "paying keywords" on google and then hide them in your site.

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    Can also be were the traffic is coming from or if they click then bounce the page too. Hey man were in the same boat you and me. I get almost 500 impressions a day and a click every other day. Only pull in 5 - 10 cents sometimes.

    My advice is just to keep at growing your site too. Or at least this is my strategy to keep improving my quality of content for my visitors.
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    Google offers some tips. However, if your traffic is low, it's difficult to methodically optimize because the sample sizes are small and it's thus difficult to know what really works or doesn't.

    In addition, you can identify some higher paying keywords and concentrate your content/SEO development in those areas.

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