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    Need a Short, Memorable Domain

    I need a high quality domain, preferably relatively short. The site will have to do with music and charity, so show me any domains you have that might relate to either of those topics. I will consider very short ambiguous domains as well that I could maybe use as an acronym for something...


    P.S. - Please include asking prices if possible.

  2. #2 ("groovy") can mean, well, hmmm....
    Giving Remains Very Important (like in this economy, perhaps)
    Great Resonance Via Instrumentation
    Great Rifts VI (six)
    Gifts Reverberate, Voices Increase
    : )

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    Oh, I have two very cool names for you!
    suggests lofty and is, well, just cool and memorable
    like i-love-you's, perfect sound and feeling for your need, perhaps?

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    hmmm I like

    Can you PM me the asking price?

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    Zaffer: I can't figure out how to PM you LOL
    Can you and Cmafai both
    offer me your buying prices?
    I'm new; can I receive PMs?

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    no you can't even receive PMs. can you quote here in the thread?

    or perhaps give me your email id, so I can get in touch with you

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    send me an email at the gmail address in the
    whois for this domain name
    (easy and quick place to check is

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    how short of a domain name.. like 3 letters? i have one for sale. PM sent.

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    I have citz (dot) org.

    - Can be highly branded for "Citizens" Discussion, "Citizenship Discussion Forum".
    - Can host all rules and regulations.
    - Since it is org, it is very good for charity.

    If interested please make an offer.

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    I have

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  13. hello, i have a few cool domain name, - PageRank2, good for entertainment sites - will sell only for good prices (currently on ebay)


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    i have

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    I can offer

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    Here's my A list of domain names

    2-K,COM - 13 years old - super short - possibly the best domain name in the video games industry
    Co0,COM - 7 years old - Carbon Neutral - short and catchy
    GM3,COM - 13 years old - short, memorable
    VX8,COM - 6 years old - short, memorable
    PNBI,COM - 13 years old - PageRank 3 - DMOZ listed
    57i,COM - SOLD! $519.80
    LEPLAY,COM - 6 years old - great name for a gambling website - super brandable!
    ICEFREE,COM - 13 years old - product specific
    LAMCY,COM - 6 years old
    APICAD,COM - 3D related
    MODONO,COM - website included
    NEATIFY,COM - one word domain name
    IPODCOMPANY,COM - #2 on Google for "ipod company" comes together with appleshoponline,com and website
    APPLESHOPONLINE,COM - #2 on google for "apple shop online" comes together with ipodcompany,com

    Send offers to [email protected]

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    I like you to consider the following:

    2-K,COM - 13 years old - super short

    GM3,COM - 13 years old - short, memorable - plenty of organic hits

    VX8,COM - 6 years old - short, memorable

    PNBI,COM - 13 years old - PageRank 3 - DMOZ listed

    LEPLAY,COM - 6 years old - great name for a game website - super brandable! - 1000+ organic hits per month

    LAMCY,COM - 6 years old

    email at [email protected]

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    You and everyone else looking for short domains - a hard task after the first 15 years of busy busy web registrations
    Barak Hosting
    Shared, VPS & Dedicated Hosting - Lunatic Support is what sets us apart

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