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    PostgreSQL 8+ and .NET 3.5

    does anyone know about a windows web host with postgresql database (possibly running 8.4) and .net 3.5 ?

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    You could ask Crystaltech if they offer pgSQL as they are a solid windows host. I know Cartika offers pgSQL access on their Windows plans, but I believe they run 7.4x.

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    Hi thanks for your reply

    Crystaltech looks like it's down to me, I've just asked Cartika and yeah they offer 7.4

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    I'm not familiar with pgSQL to know the differences I'm sorry to say I take it there are enough differences that you are unable to use anything less than 8.x

    Also: Crystal Tech is fine for me at

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    If I'm not mistaken from 8 there are substantial differences in performance new features like XML support and full text search so postgresql 7 is quite different from 8 :/ ...

    However I think there are two work arounds either using MSSQL or find a webhoster which offers cheap Linux VPS and Windows hosting within the same data center so that I can host the site on the windows hosting and the database on another vps (I don't know if there will be big performance issues)

    I won't use directly a windows vps as I am not experienced with windows administration.

    yeah crystaltech is working fine now

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