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    SSL certificate suggestions/info

    My online store is almost ready to publish and Im trying to work my head around this SSL thing.

    So through reading on here Ive determined that only the cart or PII areas need to be secured, not the entire site.

    My host provided a free SSL cert but I discovered that it is a domain verification SSL only and there is no "clickable seal" or business verification. Verification is important however Im not sure I need an EV cert (nor that I can afford it).

    Im looking for business verification, clickable seal, 128/256, 2048bit, free reissue.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a SSL cert and what I might need? There was someone in the ads forum offering a GlobalSign OrganizationalSSL cert for $100yr. Does this seem like a good deal? There isnt a lot of feedback about GlobalSign on the net.


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    If you want to remain in that price range GlobalSign and Thawte are a few common options.

    We've had very bad experiences with Thawte. They are NOT US based (they claim to be for US orders) but they are not. Everything is handled off US soil and if you think that's 'secure' well Thawte might be a way to go.

    There really isn't any reason for people to provide feedback on SSL certs since you set em and forget em.
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    You can also look at at their Authentic TrustLogo product. If i remember correctly you get this for free with the higher priced certificates.

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    Ive got it narrowed down to the GlobalSign OrganizationSSL for $100 a year or the Comodo InstantSSL for $100 a year.

    Im going to do some feature comparisons and check reviews on their support.

    Thanks for the help.

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    You can also checkout verisign and geotrust.

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