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    * webhost-warehouse very poor service

    i had bough a server from webhost-warehouse in there 1 month free promo
    first there was a delay in the set up and for an apology i was offered 1 gb extra free ram when the server was delivered it came as i had ordered without the 1 gb ram and then it has network outrage on contacting the reboot it took 40 min to reply the reason given network cable was not in more outrage reboot request given responded after 50 min reason ticket never appeared in the console today again server down made reboot request no reply its about 1 hours i have paid for the server for next month also and my customers have filed for paypal disputes and spoiling the reputation for no there something i can do the server i believe is from on contacting them they said u need to contact your reseller if any one has such an experience please help me

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