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    Keywords for Joomla 1.5

    Hello forum, I own an online newspaper which I run using Joomla 1.5. I really never had any issues, nock on wood . My question is if I should use the title of the article as key words for the article or if is best to just use words that are relevant to the article..... which approach is better?

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    I have found that the title usually is a great "description" for Joomla articles and may paste it in for most of the keywords to be broken up as well. Just remove the 'and', 'the', 'or', and other unimportant words from the title.
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    OK that makes sence, would the search engine not take the page if it has these words? "and" "the" "or".....

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    joomla good script

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    First thing to do is to figure out exactly what keywords you want visitors to search to find your articles. If you really want to SEO your site, you should optimize each page based on the relevant keywords instead of the article titles. Remove unnecessary keywords since they take up valuable space in the title tags.

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    Use the plugins thats can allow you to define keywords. This will help you to increase your internal page SEO inside your site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keserhosting View Post
    Use the plugins thats can allow you to define keywords. This will help you to increase your internal page SEO inside your site.
    Excellent, I was not aware that they had a Module that will help yopu setup keywords.... I'll take a look at it. Thank you very much.

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    When choosing plugins read reviews about them, because sometimes they won't work as it is and then you have issues with newsletter for sure

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    thank you for your advice, now do you know a couple of modules that you may know or as a matter of fact that anyone con recommend?

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