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    [coded] 3 page clean hosting company design with WHMCS integration.

    After a very brief and ill fated attempt at selling web hosting, I am offering my site's design up for sale. The site was "live" for no more than two weeks and according to statistics, the only visitors were myself, a friend and Google.

    The layout features an attractive rollover button navigation bar on each page and the plan comparison page includes mouseover question marks ("?"s) that reveal a fade in/out tool tip box with plan feature details when activated (example). All 3 pages and style sheets are clearly coded and easy to edit via your method of choice.

    This package also includes WHMCS integration templates and images including updated icons.

    Page Elements Included -

    - Front, plan comparison and blank pages
    - Applicable stylesheets
    - Jquery script for "?" mouseover feature
    - Edited WHMCS templates and stylesheet

    Graphic Elements Included -

    - All icons and images
    - Blank main page header image in Photoshop PSD format
    - Navigation rollovers image in Photoshop PSD format
    - Font family used for navigation rollovers text and other site images
    - WHMCS images and icon set

    Previews -

    Front Page
    Plan Comparison Page
    Blank Page
    WHMCS Integration

    Cost, Payment and Details -

    Buy before October 31st, 2009 - 5:00PM EST (GMT -5) - $59
    Buy after October 31st, 2009 - 5:00PM EST (GMT -5) - $79

    Payment via PayPal only

    Please PM me if you are interested.

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    If you provide me with a live demo (PM if necessary), then I may be interested.
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    Sure thing, PM is on the way.

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    I just now realized that the screen shots in my original post don't do much justice. Here are some better screencaps:

    Front Page
    Plan Comparison
    Blank Page
    WHMCS Integration

    - DJ

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