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    Go Grid Any Good?

    Hey guys is goGrid any good?

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    Go Grid is owned/operated by ServePath

    I would stay away from anything managed by these buffoons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notmove View Post
    Hey guys is goGrid any good?
    What is it that you are looking to deploy in the Cloud? It really comes down to what you are looking to do.

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    Not sure what crazylane's experience has been, if he/she has personally had a bad service experience with us then I apologize, but we have thousands of happy customers using GoGrid.

    Regardless, you can get a free trial to check GoGrid out for yourself at no charge, and make the decision yourself.

    Send me a PM, give us a call or go to and chat with a sales rep and you can get a promo code.

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    They are cloud hosting providers and seems have a good reputation. But we had one of our clustered servers down and it took a lot of time for them to bring it up. Overall they are good but the support is slow.
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