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    Dedicated server quad core or 8x2.0 XEON with firewall

    Interested in buying server quad core or even better 8x.20 or more with 8-16 GB ram, 1gbit ethernet port, more ips, if posible 255, no filters and if posible hardware router to prevent ddos problems, can someone suggest anything?The best solution for me would be somewhere in Germany/Austria/France/UK/than USA ...Europe is primary...thanks

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    you have any budget? need some big amount
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    yes i have, just tell me price i found good quote at ovh but they seems to be bad i saw a lot people say support is bad, and i also send mail to german ovh and they answer on german even if i say please answer on english...

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    May I ask what's your budget?

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    I would say it depends on your current cpu usage. If the xeon 2.0 is cheaper and will be suffice I say go for it. No need to pay for extra cpu power you are not going to need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbano View Post
    May I ask what's your budget?
    well about 100-150 EUR ...depends on the quallity of service, maybe i can take that UP or ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aljosha Borkovic View Post
    well about 100-150 EUR ...depends on the quallity of service, maybe i can take that UP or ...

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    that was a joke right ? probably cost you 150 euros just for the ips.

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    How much bandwidth are you looking for? You say gbit, but do you want a gbit unmetered or just a box that's on a gbit port? A full gbit of bandwidth alone would cost you way more than your budget.

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    well about 3-5 TB is enough...
    XfactorServers well...than i dont take those ips, problem is i saw a lot of germany isp's gives ips very cheep, than i will maybe not looking that, 20 ips is enough than...maybe i can afford more budget if box is fine, if someone know where i can take that please tell me

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    Go with OVH (you get what you pay for, its cheap but support is limited)

    Can only buy from them if your in a qualifying country.

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