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    Hosting on different C-blocks

    I guess some of you have had the same problem in the past.

    I am looking to host 20 different websites on 20 different C-block ips.

    It's very hard to find a provider that does this so up to time I am ordering every account to different provider but this results in a big overhead.

    Does anyone have any suggestion for solving this problem?

    Thank you very much for your time!

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    Why do you need all of your sites on separate class C IPs? I am just assuming SEO. Unless you have ARIN based justification for this requirement (SEO is not ARIN justification), I would assume most hosts will not do this since it is inefficient use of IP space. You might want to make a request for this in the request forum to see if a specific host can help you out.

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    Go with 20 different web hosts that offer really cheap plans. That might be the simplest, easiest and most cost effective way of doing that.
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    Can you just tell your hosting provider to put every domain on a different ip?
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    google com/search?hl=en&safe=off&

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    There are hosts that are offering IP space like this for SEO services but you will find that they are old hosts that in many cases have an excessive amount of old IP space, many times that have issues in the past with their IPs, hosts with more recently acquired IP space may be able to do this for you but expect to pay a premium for the IP space (this should still be less expensive and certainly less time consuming than dealing with 20 different hosts.)

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