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    * Translation Services

    I provide translation for many languages, including Spanish English, Italian & Portuguese.

    File types include:

    Ordinary documents, technical documents, legal documents, academic theses, and multimedia information.
    Translation field covers regulation contracts, meeting records, technology information, manual operation, manuals, electronics, electrical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemistry, beauty, civil, construction and decoration, immigration investment, and personal information, etc.

    Recorded translation

    TV shows, movies, documentaries, recording translation, dubbing, and subtitle editing.

    Quality Control:

    1. Upon receipt of customer price inquiry, assessment of document (number of words, content, due date, etc) is processed, a reply with a price quote is sent, and the customer and I sign a contract.

    2. After signing the contract, the most appropriate translator is assigned according to document content and customer requirements.

    3. After the completion of the document translation, it is delivered to the customer by e-mail, fax, disk, or manuscript, according to customer requirements.

    4. After delivery, if there is a problem with quality (such as, non-translated parts, major mistranslation, or minor mistranslation, etc) I will provide free amendment to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Service principle:

    Customer focus, sincere cooperation, reliability, high quality, efficiency, and creation of customer value!


    Starts as low as $0.02 ~ $0.03 per word, varying in type of services needed and quantity of work to be translated or written.

    Content writing also available in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese!

    Contact me:

    MSN: mr.creativity at
    Skype: mr.creativity

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    What's your native language? It's weird to see people doing professional translation into a variety of languages, normally we stick to our native language as target.
    I do mostly English to Spanish translation and this has been the case with most freelancers or coworkers at agencies that I have met.

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