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    VPS in Turkey, France


    I've got a couple of questions:
    1. Does anyone know of any VPS hosting companies in Turkey?

    2. I'm looking for a VPS in France and every company I've reached so far is either an OVH reseller or requires that the buyer is a French company/citizen. I'm also looking for Windows OS on the VPS.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any reason why you need France or Turkey specifically? There are a lot of regions in Europe which will serve you well at these locations, such as UK and Germany....
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    I need them for SEO considerations to host and .fr ccTLD's (Turkish and French VPS respectively).

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    for france, we've used for a while, and they've been great - not sure if they'll do a windows OS though.
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    Just because your domain is or .fr does not mean you actually have to host the domains in those countries.

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    Thanks webcertain, I've contacted and I'm waiting for their reply.

    NeilAgg - I want to have a VPS server so I'll be able to setup satellite sites in the future which can be .com, .net, or whatever. For SEO considerations it's better to have country-specific server/hosting if a site focuses on that country's visitors.

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    Just got a reply from and they don't offer Windows VPS.

    Does anyone know of any other France-based Windows VPS hosting companies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by webcertain View Post
    for france, we've used for a while, and they've been great
    Thanks a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by webcertain View Post
    not sure if they'll do a windows OS though.
    We don't, because we know nothing about windows administration.

    I am just after a session trying to fix an outlook 7 of one of our customers, and I'm STUCK! Can you believe it? If someone asks me to fix the SASL AUTH of his server, add SSL to it, fix courier-pop, tweak an apache or a MySQL, even write a Debian or CentOS package, no problem, it will be done within 10 minutes. Fixing an outlook CLIENT, I'm stuck, I don't know how, and I get nervous considering how bad I see stuffs from MS... This is the reason why we don't do windows hosting, we wouldn't have the necessary support knowledge, and I don't think it's a good idea to try to sell everything when you can't support customers properly.


    P.S: If someone has an idea on how to disable MD5 auth in the favor of PLAIN/LOGIN in outlook 7 (as I just saw on few web pages that it's broken), please PM me, that would help a lot.
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