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  1. #1 - Anyone using them?

    Just looking for any feedback on

    I know they are very new but am hoping to find at least one customer of theirs on here with some info.

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    I skimmed this offer but in my eyes it just doesn't make sense.

    DirectAdmin costs $5 for VPS license, they are offering a server with DirectAdmin for $6, therefore after transaction fees they would only be making a few cents per month. Just doesn't seem plausible unless I'm missing something. But the domain was created this year so might not be any reviews.

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    when looking for a review to somehow check a host, one is never enough.. You should not make your judgment based on one person's review. You could never be sure if its true. Try to check other possible hosts as well. =)

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    Well there's one way of finding out, sign up and then post a review after a few months.

    I wish you the best of luck I think you'll need it.

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    Seems like scam to me.

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    Their .us extension seems to suggest they're a US host. But if you look where their website is hosted, and their test file, it's actually with a German provider:

    As far as their unmetered, except when you hit a certain TB limit bandwidth claim, if you read the wording on the host providers, here's what they say:
    *Traffic Usage is free. We will restrict the connection speed to 10 MBit/s if more than 2000 GB/month is exceeded. Optional, a permanent 100 MBit/s-bandwidth will be charged at 14,90 (incl. VAT) per additional TB

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    Reviews are not created automatically.So why not try them if you are interested in?
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