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    * 100Mbps Unmetered Quad-Core XEON 8G RAM 4 HDDs 1.2T SPACE FREE HARDWARE RAID - $239/m

    Hello, We have one server at FDC Chicago available.

    Core 2 Quad Xeon X3220 (4 cores at 2.4Ghz)
    8G RAM
    Supermicro PDSME+
    4 X 320G SATA2 (3ware hardware raid 0,1,10,5 available for free)

    100Mbit Port (comes with 15000-20000GB/month (15-20TB) of BGP Mix bandwidth)


    To Order please contact sales[at]

    Following operating systems are available for FREE:
    Fedora Core (4,5,6)
    CentOS 4.x 5.x
    Gentoo LiveCD.
    FreeBSD 5.4,6.x
    Windows 2003 32bit/64bit Std, Ent

    Other Distros are allowed as long as you have an iso image for us to download. Control Panels are not support on alternate distros and must be installed by client. Also outdated OS's will not be installed as we have to have a certain level of network security.

    OS reloads are free

    Following control panels are included for free - upon request:
    Plesk (linux or windows) - unlimited domains
    Cpanel - unlimited domains
    Fantastico/WHM Addon
    Direct Admin - unlimited domains
    HELM 3 - unlimited domains

    IPv4 addresses - are free (ARIN rules, max 60)
    IPv6 Addresses - are free /48 per customer with /64 routed for each server (IRC ONLY)

    IRC - is allowed upon request

    IPv6 traceroute - 2001:49f0:1001::2
    PING/TRACEROUTE/SPEEDTEST for Standard Network(Chicago) available at

    FDCservers network MAP

    Shared bandwidth usage details are listed at (bottom of the page)

    We accept Paypal (from verified US members), Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers, Webmoney, Western Union, MoneyGram, Check and Bank Wire.

    Please contact sales[at] if you want to order this server.

    our site:
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