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    DNS services goes down (really fedup)


    I am using Plesk 9.2 with windows 2008 server and all of the sudden our DNS services goes down every other 2nd and 3rd day and we have to restart the dns services every time to bring it up, it doesnt even show any error message under windows event.

    I wonder what is the problem and how to fix it? I am really fed up of this problem.

    please help.

    Thank You

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    maybe try rebuilding dns zones?
    Best Regards,


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    Are you using registry based or bind based zone files?

    Can you turn on detailed dns logging?
    managed dns global failover and load balance (gslb)
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    As a temporary fix you can try
    Start > Run > services.msc > Choose DNS server and click properties > Under recovery tab choose the action on first,second and third failure, to restart the service.

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    We are using Bind DNS services so you can't set auto restart services feature.

    @plumsauce can you please explain what's the diff between regitry & bind based zone file?

    I didn't get any useful resource on internet even I tried to contact parallel as well but nothing works.

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    Hey Triple,

    I've put in a request to our tech team and I'll get back to you soon with an answer.

    Sorry you're having trouble.
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    Thank You Drew_Parallels.

    I be looking forward for your answer.

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    We are using Bind DNS services so you can't set auto restart services feature.
    The statement is completely wrong. In services.msc it should be "Plesk Name Server". Go ahead and set it.
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    Sorry samurai i was not aware. We've reported this issue and parallel had already made some changes in services. They've applied 'Run a Program' option on failure.

    And they've link the 'C:\Users\service_restart.bat' file with following code in it.

    @echo off
    echo Service restart initiated at %TIME% on %DATE%
    sc start %1
    ) >> C:\%1.log
    Please advice any solution.

    Thank You

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    From the Parallels Tech Support team:

    First of all, has enabling 'restart on failure' helped?

    Also note that stability services management on Windows 2008 was seriously improved in Plesk version 9.2.3 . Simply upgrading Plesk might fix your problem.
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    We have upgraded to 9.2.3 from 9.2.1 and we hope this will resolve the issue permanently.

    Thank You

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    Okay, let us know how it works out.
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