24th December 2007(Asia Domain Name Registration Limited)

Author: Ricky Williams

Looking for a .com or .net after your name? Search on the internet is quite difficult, as
there are number of companies offering .com and .net. So here are the few tips how to pick
a good one.

There are numerous registrars they differ from prices, services, support, management, etc.
This is the reason that choosing a good registrar is very important.
Further if you are not satisfied with the services of registrar with whom you have register
your domain name, then at that time you can transfer your domain to other registrar.

What to look for?

Some of the most important aspects that should be considered while choosing the registrar
for registering a domain name:

ICANN Accreditation: The domain name registrar should be accredited by ICANN (which stands
for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This ensures you that the domain
name which you have registered is legally a part of the internet.

Reliability: The domain registrar must be reliable and solvent, as they are the one who can
protect the domain of domain registrants from losing their domains.

Location: Location is the other important factor which states that the domain registrars
are subject to the laws of the country where they are located but some have been refuse to
grant domain names that are offensive under the laws of their home country.

Contract Agreement: Many of the domain registrants think that, once the domain name
registers, is theirs forever including all rights. But it is not like that, the contract
which you have sign with the registrar could affect you in a number of ways. Many of the
registrars have the right to cancel your domain name for certain reasons, generally when
you use the domain for illegal or spamming purposes. So be sure to read the rights and
policies carefully before you pay for it.

Price: Prices differs from one registrar to other. Though registering a domain names are
much cheaper these days, but still there are many registrars who offer the higher prices.
Nowadays, many of the registrars offered “free” domain name services, but make sure that
the domain name which you have register is yours or the registrar company’s, as some of
them buy the domain themselves and allow you to use it as a name only and some of them
compel you to place large frames full of advertisements on you site in exchange for the
domain name. While comparing prices, you must also look for many other factors that are
provided by the registrar, that are customer support, testimonies etc.

Support: While registering a domain name, check whether the registrar is providing a good
customer support i.e. it should be 24x7.

Domain Transfer: Check the transfer policy of the registrar before registering your domain
name. Normally you can’t transfer a name during the first 60 days after registration, but
the period could be much longer. Don’t expect any registrar to refund money you’ve paid
for months of service you won’t use. Sometimes, there may be restrictions on your ability
to transfer the domain name that means the registrar must be giving poor service.

Contact Information: One must look for the contact information of the registrar where you
can easily get to them without any effort. You might want to test them to confirm whether
they are available before you buy from them.

Hosting: Many domain registrar offer hosting services, as two in one package is a very
simple and effective for register domain and host you site globally on web.

Management: Domain management method is the most important factor to think about. This
normally works after registering the domain name. In other words, once you have registered
the domain, how do you manage the information related with it? You may want to change
contact information or name servers in the future. Many of them provides a control panel
for managing your domains, which allows you to simply log in on the web and update the
information you want to change.

Consider these factors when choosing where to register your domain name to come up with the
registrar offering the perfect combination of price, service, management and support for

What to Avoid?
Simply, keep in mind that free domain names are generally free only for one or two years,
after which the registrar will charge you for the annual or biennial fee. In such cases the
provider of the free domain name pays only for the first billing from the registrar. So you
should study the offer carefully while choosing for free domain registrar.

Most of the web hosting plans at domain registrars are feature poor and over priced. If you
are tempted by one, think twice and check out other hosts before buying web hosting from
you domain registrar.

Thus, there are huge numbers of registrars varying from prices and services are available
nowadays. You only have to choose the right one which suits your requirements.