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    Looking for partners to start up hosting business

    I already have a hosting business, so I am good to go as far as knowing what I am doing and having the resources in place.

    I would like to start up several smaller companies as resellers of my main service that can be managed independantly.

    I will say I have a very different product, no ftp, no cpannel, just my own CMS which is simple and easy to use. Full e-commerce shopping system and easy to manage pages. For people that don't know anything but still need a website for their business.

    Eveyone said I was crazy for having such a limited system but I am the one laughing all the way to the bank. The business is exploding in growth. Now I need to partner with other people so I can handle a larger customer base.

    If you would like to start a hosting business I am interested in working with you on a 50/50 split on the gross. You collect all the money and pay me half. I cover all expenses, so you wont have to invest one cent.

    Everything is automated, sign ups and so on. You manage the accounts, provide support and I keep the back end moving and support you.

    This is a great opportunity for a handful of the right people. I will provide the website and all the tools to manage the business. Sales will be collected via paypal to start so you will control all the money in your own account and just pay me half after you collect it.

    If you are interested try the sitebuilder demo

    If you like it and want to talk about a parnership drop me an e-mail. is different type of website hosting, no ftp, no open access, just websites that work. Thinking outside the box for a change.

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    I think you are not crazy at all, you have a strategy of covering a niche which is a far better move than competing against the zillions of web hosting companies out there. Nice strategy and Good Luck!

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    PM'd - thanks!

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    I wanted to add a few notes to my post. I am only looking for people in the USA to work with due to laws and that the system mostly supports US tax and shipping. It also becomes a big deal to support people in other countries due to time zones and phone costs.

    Let me give a few more details about what I want to do.

    Basically I will give you a working hosting business. I will buy the domain, provide the website and cover all the expenses so you are out nothing. As you get accounts I will get 1/2 of the gross, so I cover costs out of my half. I am really just looking to cover my costs.

    You will find customers and build a hosting base and at some point when you have enough customers to cover the costs and still make money for yourself I will give you 100% control and ownership of the website. From that point on you would just pay me hosting fees which will be much less than 50%.

    This is an opportnity to build a website hosting business with out spending any cash. It will build business for both of us and can grow into something very big for you.

    The only thing I will ask for is that you are motivated and sincerely promise to make an effort to get customers so my time and money and time is not wasted.

    We can set up an exit threshold, maybe if you don't have at least 2 customers in 2 months I can get out. Of course if nothing is happening I don't want to keep spending money and working for nothing.

    I am very fair, so that is something I can work out with each interested person. is different type of website hosting, no ftp, no open access, just websites that work. Thinking outside the box for a change.

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