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Service Features include:
* State of the art SAS-70 Datacenter - Datasite Orlando
* 4 Gigabit/second network capacity
* 24x7 Technical Support
* Completely automated account processing system
* Powerful account management control panel
* Custom written, not roothole
* Automatic Managed Backups. Never be without a backup.
* Industry leading server and network performance
* WHM/Cpanel Optional 15$/mo
* Wide range of Linux Distribution Support: CentOS, Fedora, Debian, more

All packages include:
* Full root access to your virtual machine.
* Automated and instant OS reinstalls
* PTR management. We operate our own IPs from ARIN.
* Automatic Weekly data backups
* 100 Megabit/second connectivity
* Raid6 protected data storage
* 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
* Web based control panel
* Reboot & upgrade environment
* View historical resource graphs
* RAID 6 Disk storage w/ 24x 15k 300GB SAS-SCSI Disks
* No SATA storage - This is why all other VPS hosts offer slow performance

Top reasons to choose RapidVPS:
* 6 years in business
* 4 Gigabit/sec privately managed network. Dos attacks do not effect entire network.
* Proven track record
* 100% Company-owned equipment
* We are not a reseller!
* On site support
* We fix our own problems and do not rely on another support team

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