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    [Chicago] Consultant Needed to Setup High Availability Solution

    We currently run a few database (MySQL) intensive ecommerce websites on our server (CentOS). We cannot afford to have downtime so we need a high availability solution with a control panel software. We're willing to purchase additional hardware/software if needed, but we don't have a huge budget.

    Hardware available now:
    3 x Dual-Quad-Core PowerEdge 2950 servers
    1 x Switch

    1) Must have some sort of control panel that we approve of (cPanel, Interworx, etc.)
    2) High availability solution: if a server goes down, the websites are still up and running.
    3) You must be an expert with setting up HA solutions and server administration.
    4) You must be in the Chicago area because the servers are collocated in Chicago.

    There's also potential for future jobs/opportunities.

    Please send me a private message or e-mail at [email protected] if you're interested. Thanks!
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    You need to use MySQL Cluster server to make your database highly available.

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    This can be done remotely with a bit of assistance from dc initially and ipkm.
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    We are willing to help if the requirement nr 4 is cancelled.

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    I think MySQL master-master replication will solve your needs. You will have to be careful to ensure the two servers use non-overlapping keys. That can be configured in the mysql.conf file.

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