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    Safetest E-MAIL to use for Domain Management

    Hi all,

    I noticed some people us their gmail accounts for managing their domain names. Most of the time, someone uses their own domain e-mail account. I'm wondering which of the two would be safer? I believe googles servers would be a bit safer than a domain hosts... I'm wondering, with all of the fraud related to stolen domain names, were the accounts hacked on domain email accounts of hotmail/gmail.

    What's are your opinions?

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    I use Google Apps for my domain email.. I do run my own email server but who knows if my server will always be up. Google has hundreds if not thousands of servers for email redundancy so no point in running my own.

    Also, if someone hacks your gmail or hotmail, it's not because they're hacking googles servers, it's because they somehow sniffed, phished or through some other way found your password.
    Always keep your computer clean of viruses, don't run or go to websites you don't KNOW are safe, keep different passwords on forums/emails/registrar accounts and you'll most likely be safe.

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    You can always get a paid for "security" email service that stores everything encrypted, such as Safemail,Anonmail, Marmotmail,S-Mail and so on.

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    you can also use a domain just for whois email contacts. set up email forwarding on it; all email gets sent to your real email account. this would obscure the destination email account.
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    With a free email service like hotmail or gmail, you may not get any support . Use a paid email service, if the domain is important.

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