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    18 month Take2Hosting Review

    I just wanted to write a quick review after 18 months of great service at Take2Hosting. I've ordered over a dozen servers from them over the past 18 months and have been very satisfied. I've had 100% uptime. Also, their API integrated well into my cluster management software.

    - Incredible 30 minute setup
    - Great prices
    - Burstable to 100mbs standard and the flex95 plan worked well for me.
    - Reliable and fast service
    - API for reboots, etc.
    - Great personal service.

    - Limited hardware and option choices

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    Thanks for the review. Please click the 'report' button on your post and submit a domain name to the mods to verify you are hosted with them, it helps us all.


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    Thanks for the review, nice to hear your experience has been great. We use them as well and their service is excellent.
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    Great to hear that you're happy with them. And thanks for sharing you experience with them..

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    server bandwidth is too costly.... servers are cheap though... but without bandwidth no use of such servers....

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    A good review.

    Good job take2!
    Specially 4 You
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    good to hear positive review.

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    Thanks for your short and sweet review. Happy to see a satisfied customer. Long term reviews are more valuable. We welcome more updates on this thread regularly.

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    No windows servers

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but they don't seem to offer Windows servers.

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    Cheers for the review!

    Does Take2hosting offer any control panel options? I have a faint memory that there was some information about that on their webpages earlier, however I can remember wrong as there is no such information on there today (what I can find that is).

    Do Take2hosting still offer their 95% percentile bandwidth option as they used to?

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