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    Do you have to be happy at your job to be good at it?

    I was talking to an IT Manager on the phone a couple days ago for a 500-user company. We were going over some basic stuff for a new firewall appliance and wireless setup. There were some rather simple things he didn't seem to "get". Items most home users would clearly understand. It seemed odd to me, so I asked him "Do you ever do this stuff for fun?" "No, it's just my job."

    That seemed strange to me. In a world where I didn't need money, I'd do what I do for free. It made me wonder if not liking his job made him less effective. He certainly seemed apathetic to IT in general.

    Which brings me to this post. What do you think about happiness in terms of your ability to be good at what you do?
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    If you don't truly enjoy doing what you do then you are in the wrong industry, but that is just my opinion.

    I do not see how anyone can effectively do their job if they did not like what they do.
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    Well to manage people and not be happy will generally precipitate to the people you manage. So I think happiness IS important to how well you do your job. You certainly can bubble over your ill feelings to the customer or co-workers. Life takes money though and if you are trying to suffer through work to make the rest of your life more pleasing, then maybe it makes your life better as a whole. But I think if you haven't found what makes you happy then keep looking.
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    You could also see it as poor hiring decisions by managers who really don't have a clue. If their primary business doesn't involve more than basic operation of computers, how are they to know who is actually skilled out of a room of candidates? Seems that many real IT geeks are generally not extroverts and are less likely to leave a memorable impression during an interview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SC-Daniel View Post
    If you don't truly enjoy doing what you do then you are in the wrong industry, but that is just my opinion.

    I do not see how anyone can effectively do their job if they did not like what they do.
    Some do it for money, if you take in India people just join the IT industry just because they are paid higher but their area of interest lies some where else.

    At the end of day, its all money and we work for bread and butter.

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    I can with the hand on my heart say that I do it because I enjoy the line of work.

    The high payment is a bonus.

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    I've always told myself that I am going to be working for a longgg time, so I mind as well do something that makes me happy over something that pays more.

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    Overall I am satisfied and find myself happy. The benefits is a bonus, given our industry isn't relatively known for it.
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    I think if someone has a job that they are good at but not happy with you can tell when you deal with them. Their demeanor towards others show it. Personally I wouldn't do a job that I didn't like and enjoy. I started in the hosting industry over 15 years ago as a hobby in my free time. Now it pays all the bills and I still love it and look forward to work every day.
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    The job I'm doing at the moment (part time) is crap and I hate it... You will very rarely hear me coming in from a day and not moaning about how rubbish it is.

    I'm only going to be there until next summer though it's nothing I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life.

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    I hate my job... but love the challenge. I dont know of any other way to put it..

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    I hate my job. But the economy doesn't allow me to quit and change to another field.

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    Looking at it the otherway round,

    I'm 'happy' with my 'hobby', but no one will pay me to do it.
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    Mike, all I can say is you have to Crush It!

    I think that sums it up very well!

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    If you do not enjoy your job, then you will never grow in your job. That alone should be incentive to like your job!

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    Yes, wouldn't you love to get paid for something that you enjoy doing?

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