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    will anybody share with me? united colo

    would anybody interested to share with me?
    or work together as a team?
    to start a small business?

    if yes..please PM me or leave a message here

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    If your planning on running a business from it, but also willing to share root with someone... that just sounds dodgy
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    Someone needs to wear his glasses

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    yes is quite dodgy...i wear do you know?
    haha JOKING!

    anyway if interest...*for those people willing to* can contact me!

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    I've gotten a couple of my friends interested in splitting (well, I'll "resell" to them, to keep things simple) a server with them if they ever come back with the $50/month servers. We figure that we can throw vserver on it, effectively creating several virtual machines. Assuming there are five of us, we could each have our own 'virtual machine' with a 10 GB disk partition, 20 GB transfer, and an IP (with a few extras if people need them) -- for $10/month. Add to the fact that there are only five of us, and that we'd just use it as a "playground" sorta thing (ie -- none of us would be doing anything commercial / bandwidth intensive)...

    Anyway, just thought I'd share my idea here. You might be better of with 'virtual server' sort of things, and "reselling" them, not technically splitting them -- we decided that (if they ever get their servers back in stock...) having five people with root is going to lead to total chaos... So technically it would be mine, and I'd be 'reselling' it to others, but it's not like I'd be a company trying to cram 5,000 users onto it, overselling like mad.

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