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    Ahhh another confused noob for you all...


    I would love some help answering some (or even all) of the questions I have.

    My partner and I have set up an adult paysite. We have all the content, we have built the site, we have a host, all I thought I had left to do was find the billing company.

    I am based in the UK, and wanted to use ccbill. They ask for business id numbers (what?) and vat numbers and such. So do I need to register as a business? If so... can I register it abroad to avoid the Uk's high taxes, if so how do you go about this?

    Also do I need to set up a new bank account, or can I use an existing personal one?

    Both my partner and I are creative, and can do all that side, I'm also fairly internet savvy, but need help businesswise!

    Thank you


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    Hi! Megan!

    Well setting up a website abroad to Avoid taxes is a good idea but the difficulties still come in place.

    1. Most countries will need you to have a ban there
    2. Most countries need for you to be a resident
    3. All most all need a billing address in that country!

    if you want to have a VAT ID and Business ID.

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    Thank you for the reply

    Okay then... well I don't mind paying uk taxes... I just want to get things moving!

    So do I definitely need to be a registered company... and if so does anyone know if its LTD, PLC, etc?

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    I'd say forming a Limited company would be your best bet.

    It allows you to get yourself a business bank account, and avail of some other services which may come in handy.
    Adam Hoban.
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    Thank you Manoban,

    So I'm looking at a LTD company, and opening a business bank account.

    Assuming neither are quick to set up...

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    Well, I know here in Ireland it can all be done online and you recieve your certs in around a week. I'm not 100% certain about the UK though, maybe someone else could shead some light on the time frame.
    Adam Hoban.
    ManobanWeb Group
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    There are sites on google that are a "Third Party" registration agent, they can get your company registered etc and so all of the dirty work for you, Ive used it in the past when i did to become LTD they had 3 options, one of which was only around 17gbp for a full registration and virtual certificate, or around 10 more for an actual certificate.

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    If you're a UK citizen you can register the company and setup a local bank account on the Isle of man.

    Natwest bank offer this kind of service just filling a couple of forms.

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    You will find a lot of helpful information at they are the official UK government register of UK companies. but this isn't a pre-request of getting a business bank account in the UK, talk to your personal banker and they will be only too happy get get you all the info you need.


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