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    connecting to VPS

    I've now VPS with CentOS and on Hypervm.
    Can I connect to it using VPN or other client application as Desktop? or only Shell?
    and if I want to setup on it ftp client like FileZella to get my files from the previous host directly what should I do?
    I know the wget command but I think it for a single file and of course can't get php files so I think in ftp client application.

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    You can normaly copy directly from one vps to another via ssh (with scp oder mc).

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    You can connect to it using software like putty to SSH in, or if you'd like you can install a GUI and VNC server, then you can VNC in with software like TightVNC.

    Although, the GUI and VNC server will use up extra resources, so keep that in mind.

    You could use the wget command, wget -r would perform a recursive command and would gather everything in the websites root directory, although sometimes this doesn't work very well (depending on the file types and permissions), there can be errors.

    Your best bet would be to install an FTP server on your older server, and download them via FTP to the new server. What OS is your older server?

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    FileZilla will transfer files over SCP which almost every VPS supports. Just tell it to connect to port 22.

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    WinSCP is also nice, and free.

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    thank you all.
    my old host is a shared one I've only FTP account on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by NeilAgg View Post
    FileZilla will transfer files over SCP which almost every VPS supports. Just tell it to connect to port 22.
    could you gave me more details please?
    is filezilla works on shell?

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    filezilla is an FTP application, you can use it to connect to your servers and transfer the files via FTP.
    Windows / Linux VPS
    Xen Virtualization

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    I recommend talking to your old host to see if you get get temporary shell access. Then RSYNC everything over. As previously stated in this thread, you can certainly set up a GUI and VNC in, but that is going to kill your server resources.

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