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    Looking for windows host with PHP and internetexplorer.application COM

    Can anyone help on this please?

    I'm looking for a shared windows hosting account that will allow me to run PHP like:

    $ie = new COM("InternetExplorer.application");

    in order to automate some IE behaviour on the server.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere?


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    try to type hosting windows on google and talk with some on the companies like with online what or somthing im sure you will find

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    Er... thanks.

    I'm doing that already, but it's a slow process, hence my coming here to see if anyone else can help.


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    Hi Andy,

    Are you looking at very cheap hosting or something which you can customise? If you don't mind paying maybe 15-20per month then a great solution would be a Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) server. That way you can install whatever you like on it without worrying about which hosting company you choose.

    What I would also say is you're going to find it difficult to get a hosting company on a shared environment to give you that ability due to the resource overheads involved from their point of view so it might leave you with little choice!!


    Swordfish Hosting

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    Well, if you're open to availing a vps account, you might want to check to offer section forum for great offers.

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