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    Easy way to set up sites

    I have a RAQ4 which I use for numerous different websites. I have to set up 25 site and wondered if there was a quick way of doing so rather than using the standard admin control panel.

    I have seen RAQCP which seems to do the job but is a little pricey for my needs.

    Is there a cheaper/free alternative. I would prefer a web based solution rather than having to deal with command line or batch files within linux.

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    The quickest way and the safest way is to do it trough the CP.
    25 is not all that much after you've set the "virtual site defaults".

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    You can also use the command line tools provided in Jeff Bilicki's shell-tools package. You can add/drop virtual sites, add/drop users, and suspend/unsuspend virtual sites all from the command line.

    Man pages are provided for all to show all switches, etc.

    Get the latest version at

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