Just like with our shared hosting, we don't oversell our VPS nodes or provide bandwidth and space specifications at silly prices that would send us bankrupt in a week. We're in it for the long haul so we concentrate on providing quality services at great prices.

We offer VPS plans on OpenVZ architecture powered by the SolusVM control panel. SolusVM is stable, secure and does what you need it to do quickly. The SolusVM developers are quickly adding more features so the panel is constantly improving.
Of course, OpenVZ and SolusVM would be nothing without decent hardware which is why you will be hosted on an Intel QuadCore server. Your VPS won't be lacking in power!

For a limited time only, we're taking 50% off any plan above the Paulus plan for the first month with the coupon code "50%OffVPS". That means you can get the Spartacus plan with 1GB of RAM and 600GB of bandwidth for only $25 for the first month! But hurry, this coupon expires shortly

You can get more detailed information on our VPS plans here but the general stats are below:

Paulus **New**
5GB Space
50GB B/W
1 IP

15GB Space
100GB B/W
2 IPs
$20/month ($10 for the first month!)

25GB Space
200GB Bandwidth
2 IPs
$30/month ($15 for the first month!)

45GB Space
400GB B/w
2 IPs
$40/month ($20 for the first month!)

1024MB RAM
65GB Space
600GB B/w
4 IPs
$50/month ($25 for the first month!)

You can get all your required add-ons at the following competitive prices:

Extra IP: $1.50/month;
cPanel/WHM: $15.00/month;
DirectAdmin: $10.00/month.

Are you looking for something that you can't find here? We're more than willing to work with you to come up with the exact solution for your website and your budget. Simply email [email protected] with the amount of RAM, disk space and bandwidth you require plus any extras (ie more than 1 IP, a control panel, etc.).

Network Tests

Testfiles: 10mb | 100mb.bin