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    Come see us at the Willamette Innovators Night at OSU

    PEAK Internet along with many other leading companies will be at the Willamette Innovators Night in Corvallis, OR on November 5th, 2009. It's bound to be packed full of great speakers, great food and just an all around fun and eventful night. Come stop by our booth while your there!

    For more information visit

    What is the event all about?
    This event is about critical mass and creativity, breaking down barriers, and enabling & creating community around the shared experience of bringing something new into being – It’s a venue for people to come together, share ideas, see new things and, hopefully experience that “Ah ha, THAT’S why I’m here” moment. If this event can spark even one new idea that contributes to the economic vitality of the area, it will have been a success.

    Who is this event for? Who benefits?
    This event is for anyone who enjoys seeing and participating in the process of creative thinking and connecting the dots of technological advances – in whatever industry. Who benefits? Ultimately, downstream, everyone in the community. Good ideas lead to good businesses and increased economic vitality, which leads to good, hopefully sustainable, quality of life.

    Who is organizing and hosting this event?
    This event is being hosted and organized by the joint effort of three important organizations within the Corvallis/Willamette Valley area that have a strong history of representing change, innovation, and supporting economic vitality for the area – the Corvallis Chapter of the Software Association of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the Corvallis-Benton Chamber Coalition.

    Why is the event name being changed after all these years?
    The concept of innovation transcends all industry boundaries, and while “High Tech After Hours” has brand recognition, it’s association with software and IT became a stumbling block in our efforts to be more inclusive and expand the venue to showcase achievements across other industries.

    What are some of the big changes we will see?
    First of all, we are expanding the day’s activities to include a guest speaker who can speak to the concept of innovation & creativity as a collaborative experience, and the importance of convergence in the economic development equation. We are also focusing significant effort on inviting representatives of various industries throughout the area that have proven success through innovation, putting them together with the intellectual resources of the university and seeding the interaction with the background dialogue or thought stream of the innovation-rich atmosphere that is the Willamette Valley. This year’s event will celebrate innovation from the past and the present, and through that exposure, hopefully initiate would could happen in the future.
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