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    VPS vs Dedicated

    Hello, We currently are expanding our hosting with our web design business. We don't have to many clients I was curious if anyone uses a VPS or Dedicated if using a VPS is ok for hosting your clients? Or do you stick with more of the dedicated servers. Please keep in mind we dont have a lot of customers yet any help appreciated.

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    Yes a VPS is OK to host websites, since your new a vps would be the perfect choice.

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    Yes, a VPS should be just fine for you. Heck, a reseller account might even be a better starting point if you only have a few customers. All depends on your budget and ability to manage the VPS, etc.

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    I would go with a VPS from a reputable provider if I were you. Doesn't sound like you need to pay a premium for a dedi quite yet.

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    Even as you grow I feel that a good VPS will be much better for you.
    With a VPS you no longer have to worry about hardware and you can start small and move up with just a reboot. Also, most VPS providers will run things like RAID, redundant PSU's etc standard, which will cost you an arm and a leg through dedicated providers.

    The trick is finding a reputable, solid VPS host, but I'm sure you can go through some reviews here and figure that one out.

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    I use to have a dedicated server running just over 120 websites on, but it was very costly to run so bought myself a VPS from a UK provider and have had no problems.

    I will probably purchase another VPS once we reach 150 websites on that VPS, jus to ensure perfomance is kept reliable.

    I would recommend a VPS or even a reseller if you haven't got many clients yet
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    Thanks guys for all the help will look into doing a VPS then any recommendations for good companies?

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    If you don't have many sites to host, and none of them are really popular, a smallish VPS will probably do the job. A VPS will likely end up being more expensive than a reseller account due to overhead, and even more so if fully managed (a VPS or a dedicated needs to be administered by a professional). A dedicated server seems to be a waste of resources at this point for you.

    As for good companies, there are lots of threads to read in the VPS forum, and figuring out who's reputable or not shouldn't take too long.

    Typically a few of the more reputable providers have sticky threads bought in the VPS offers forum, but just because a host has an ad there doesn't make it reputable. In any case, it's worth taking a look in that section before hitting the "buy now" button, as there are coupons or specials you could take advantage of.
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    Yes, the VPS will suit to your requirements at this moments. I think instead of investing money in the dedicated server. You should make use of that money in marketing your hosting business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keserhosting View Post
    Yes, the VPS will suit to your requirements at this moments. I think instead of investing money in the dedicated server. You should make use of that money in marketing your hosting business.
    Or use it for buying a management plan for your VPS, this would be highly recommend if you never had an VPS before.


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    A VPS is an affordable place to start (:
    If i'm not mistaken, many licenses cost more with Dedicated Servers than VPS. So its certainly a cost effective start!

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    If you have a decent linux aptitude (including server management and optimization) I suggest VPS to start.

    However if you are a starter, I suggest Reseller account, since you will not need to do anything on the server ends.(Your reseller account provider will do this for you, since you will not have root access)

    When your company gets bigger, you can start leasing a dedi and colocate it on a trusted & reliable DC.

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    if you are new to the industry i would recommend a reseller hosting or a FULLY MANAGED vps. If you have experience with server management then go to unmanaged vps(if you have 50 clients). if you have 100 clients then get a dedicated server.

    hope i helped

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