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    I am currently looking for a SIMPLE & EASY web template for a new hosting company. Any ideas where I can find?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You should look in the Design offers forum, there are quite a few available in there.

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    I like to browse through TemplateMonster ( when I'm looking for inspiration. Browsing their site is like looking at a big colorful book of ideas.

    Of course, your best bet is probably to bust out Photoshop, draw up a sketch of what you had in mind and then hire a designer to implement it. That's what I normally do, except that I implement it myself.

    Good luck any way! :-)
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    Well, alot depends on your budget. You can obtain pre-made templates and have them be sold only one time or you can go to places like TemplateMonster and obtain a design that will be sold multiple times to all four corners of the world. Best of luck!
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    TemplateMonster is the best one - it is a reseller

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