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    Reliable way of comparing provider's speed


    I'm new here. What's a reliable method of comparing the network speed between two providers? They often put up a 50MB or 100MB file to download, but I'm not certain how to go about testing their bandwidth.

    I can't just download the file from my home connection -- my link is probably capped at 10 Mbps. Is there an external service that I can use?


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    You can ping the IP at certain times of the day, and see the speeds from there. Some companies give out demo's for a limited amount of time to test their service.
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    If you get a demo, then you can use to test the full bandwidth of the server.

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    The easiest and best method to find the bandwidth of a server is to download a considerably large file from Microsoft server.
    time wget URL

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    I would suggest downloading the test files from each provider, and also asking if your friends can do the same.

    That will seem to provide you with the best indication.

    Good luck!

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    Put a huge file say 5 mb in each of the servers and dowload it to your PC from each of the servers and see which download takes least time.

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    If you are trying to test the download speed of the service let's start by asking / answering the question as to whether the people who are going to be downloading files from the server are going to be connected at speeds higher or lower than your home connection?

    If higher, then the only reliable way is to have other users with server connected at high-speeds download the files and post the results. You can ask people on this forum and they will gladly do it for you.

    If about the same or lower, your home connection would be sufficient for determining a typical users performance. However, I suspect that most broadband users are limited to single-Mbps throughput i.e. less than 10Mbps you will also have to account for network distance (how many hops those users are from the server.)

    Hope this helps.
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