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    * Full Design and Everything Else

    We are going to offer our site up to the highest bidder.

    What's included?

    Full Site Design including PSD, CSS, HTML,

    Site is in .php format so the following benefits apply.

    1 Header and 1 footer file for the entire site, Change the header.php or footer.php and it will change everything on the site for the header and footer.

    Login boxes on the pages outside whmcs are within 1 php file so that if you need to update code for future whmcs updates you can do this in 1 file.

    Login box on main page keeps them on main page after login with additional options displaying etc...

    Livezilla is fully integrated!

    cPanel is full integrated! Custom cpanel theme to match the site.

    WHMCS is fully integrated the header and footer will change as outlined above...

    WHMCS is owned unbranded license with support/upgrades till the end of the year.

    There are no clients as we have not advertised(the only step left)

    Traffic is minimal as we have not advertised.

    The following domains can be pushed to enom account at no charge or you can pay to transfer them to any registrant you wish. registered until 12-15-2013 registered until 3-7-2010 registered until 3-7-2010 registered until 3-6-2010 registered until 3-7-2010

    FAQ's are completed

    Two SSL's are included 1 for (expires 3-6-2010) and 1 for 4-6-2010).

    I am going to run an auction that will end Midnight PST -6:00 GMT on Friday Nov 13th.

    Meaning no bids will be taken after Thursday the 12th.

    Payment will only be accepted by, Check(2 weeks waiting period), Money order, or Western Union. us Funds only

    I do not want to accept paypal or credit card as I do not wish to risk a chargeback as all sales are final!

    The site is indexed by all major search engines!

    The bid increments should be kept to $25.00.

    Starting Bid is $1500

    Buy it now $5000

    Ends 12:00 PST Nov 13th

    Serious Inquiries/Bids only

    We are not desperate to sell so please keep in mind that this is a full package ready to start selling, all you need to do is advertise. We will not break up the package, if it does not sell we will look at our options then and possible just make the time to advertise instead as the potential profit is greater!

    Too many other small details to list/remember.

    Outside the auction details:

    We can if you wish transfer Dedicated server to you that is currently at Interserver for $83 Month(you would be responsible for continued payments) and you would not even need to make changes accept to billing and whatever payment methods you accept etc...

    We will offer help so that if you need assistance with understanding the design or html or integration or anything else we will ensure that you can contact us for 30 days after the site is transferred to you! We will not however guarantee any specific response times as we are selling the site because we do not have the time right now.

    Please Feel free to ask any questions you wish as we wish to ensure that you know what you are getting into!

    Thank you in advance!

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    Less than 48 hours left be sure to get your bid in if you are interested as the highest bid wins...

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    Was this site sold??

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    Yes it was. - VPS Control Panel
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