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    UmbraHosting review


    Currently I'm hosting my dedicated server with UmbraHosting and would write an review for the most important thing you need in hosting - support.
    I am currently in my 3rd week but I was experiencing a small scale disaster.

    The box is Atom 330 dedicated, it is good enough for my needs - at the moment.

    Here is the story:

    I was playing with Xen for 3 days and was not able to get the GuestOS installed. Since I wasn't being too successful with it at the moment I have rebooted from the Xen kernel to the normal CentOS 5.4 kernel, there I have added the additional IP address and configured it, modified the frub.conf to boot back to Xen kernel.
    After the box has rebooted it wasn't giving ping and I was unable to SSH into it, after one power cycling it still wasn't able to access it in any way so I contacted the support.

    After the ticket opening I had to wait exactly 1 minute for the answer from the support that they will be attaching a KVM to my box and investigating this issue.
    After 18 mins I received that the issue was with Xen and Webmin being in a fight, and I have said that the OS can be reinstalled on the box since, at the moment I wasn't using it for production purposes.
    When the OS was reinstalled on the server they have suggested that, if I want to use virtualization their admins would configure either Xen, OpenVZ or even install XenServer on the box.

    I have gone with the OpenVZ for the moment and the installation was promptly done after which I was given an URL to their OpenVZ templates mirror.

    In this occasion, if I may, I would like to thank Mr. Kelle Thomas for being straightforward with me and their superb support although I am on an unmanaged plan.
    With their prompt replies, politness and intelligent suggestions they have made one client very satisfied and sure that he is getting the right suggestions.

    The link to verify is where the containers are running happily and waiting to be used to the fullest.
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    Good review, glad they took care of your problems quickly and at no charge! Keep us posted on the services you are receiving in another few months since you are still in the beginning stages of hosting with them.
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    Very nice review. They seem to be running a wonderful operation over at UmbraHosting. Remember to keep us on WHT updated. Best of luck!
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    Thumbs up

    They are a great provider! Please update us in the near future!

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