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    Question iBoutique.MALL or x-cart pro or magento or virtumart or phpprobid/phpproad ?


    i want to make an online store seller like or there is a lot out there

    i am having problem to find which script to choose for that business
    i found iBoutique.MALL which has all the features i need which are:

    my main mall page shows all users shops and categories sorting all users products and search-able from my main mall page...

    also each user can customize his own shop template/color/products/payments...

    and each user must has his own

    mall administrator has full control over all shops

    Ive read that x-cart pro with a plugin can do that also

    and also i like the phpprobid or phpproAD which i guess can be customized to look like a mall

    also there is joomla with virtumart i think can do that

    and magento but does magento community edition has or can be modified to has that option for virtual mall "each user control his store" ?

    and i did take a quick look at magento community vs magento enterprise

    and saw that enterprise has better administration control and more...

    does that mean magento community edition wont has a good administration features or cant be added by plugins or customizing it ?

    i appreciate any help...thanks

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    Did you decide on a solution for your website? i am looking at similar options and would love to know how you went.

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    i think x-cart pro is the solution but still didnt start my project
    i gave it a try and it seems to be solid

    iboutique.mall has all the features but i cant find reviews or live working sites most of them are demos

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