I am based in Dubai and have recently started an online business selling artificial jewellery, gifts, collectibles, etc.

I have been using paypal but now i am completely restructuring my business, have tied up with few guys in USA and they would be accepting payments on phone.

I would need a Virtual Terminal to be setup so that the guys sitting in USA can receive the payments and later transfer it to my Dubai Bank Account.

I would like to know what all things are required for the above setup:
1: Can we use a Savings Account or is it compulsory to have a Business Account? I did not register my company in Dubai, so getting a Business account is not possible, can i still operate with my Savings account?
2: My monthly average transaction would be in the range of 70k-80k USD, will it cause any problem if i operate under a Savings account?
3: What all other documentation will i need?

I appreciate your valuable time in answering my queries, do give out your tips and suggestions too!