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    i5 and i7 are the same as which series xeon ?


    about thei5 and i7 cpu,

    what series of xeon are the same as they are ?


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    The i5 would match up with the Xeon 3400 series. Both are LGA 1156, however it does look like there are some differences between the two processor lines.

    The i5 750 is the same speed/specs as the Xeon 3450, except the Xeon equivalent has hyperthreading whereas the i5 does not.

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    i7 9xx ~ Xeon W35x0 (in particular, i7-920 ~ W3520, i7-975 ~ W3580). Small differences (e.g., ECC ram support)

    LGA 1156 (Lynnfield): as answered above, Xeon equivalents are X34x0. In particular, Xeon X3440 (~$240) and X3470 (~$630). The latter has approximately the same peformance as Xeon W3550, costs about the same, and consumes 95W (as opposed to 130W).

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    I have tried the W3520, wow I am impressed it is really nice

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