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    setting up my second website

    i have one website:

    i just bought a second site:

    When i add secondary pages to my second site, everything works ok

    However when I add the homepage/index page, to site, it overwrites the homepage/index page on

    any ideas?

    if you need screen shots, let me know
    any help would be great...
    thank you

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    Where are you adding the index page to - what folder? I presume you would have a folder named (with a shortended version of the name) ... that is where you would need to copy the index file into ...

    If you can put up screenshots, then it would definitely be better - screenshots of your directory structure .. NOT the website

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    those are the two directories

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    ahhh, its not letting me uplaod photos
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    i took out he index.php in the first one.....the index .php is from the second site.....when I upload it, it overwrites the index.html in the first site....

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    Ok - looking at the images, directory 1 (referring to the first image), you have two index files - one with an .html and another with .php extension - check which one your site is defaulting to.
    Directory 2 (referring to your second image), has an index.php file only ... so, I'm assuming at this point, your server is not parsing the .php file then?

    Do you have any .htaccess files (hidden) in either of those directories?

    Also, HOW have you configured the domains names on your server?

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    this is the set up for the secondary site...i will upload the primary in a second....i think the problem is, is its uploading the secondary's index file in the wrong area.

    i have the un and pw, just deleted it, to show you
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    It sure seems like it's uploading the page to the wrong location, however, I wonder why IF the secondary pages are being uploaded to the CORRECT directory on the server?
    Have you looked on the server directly - either via SSH or some file manager on the server?

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    this is the primary site
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    Also, this is a secondary page, on my secondary site:

    and it looks the same on my primary site......

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    Ok - I am assuming you are setting your "Host directory" value (2nd image) under the FTP settings?
    IF you are leaving them blank, then you DEFINITELY are uploading the pages (index) to the same primary (first site) directory .. and hence BOTH the sites look the same.

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    what should the host directory be?

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    /public_html/ for the first and /public_html/aboutourleathers if it's a cPanel host or maybe just / for the first and /aboutourleathers if it's something else.
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    i just called up go daddy......apparently this site was set up as a "mirror" for the primary.

    i didn't purchase it, so this is news to me...

    pretty wild.....

    thank you for your help though. I appreciate it.

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    Yeah, a "parked" domain instead of an "addon" domain.

    In that case, both sites will always reflect the same content.
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