Im the average one who not being a programmer nor being in the IT industry at all is learning his way to manage a wordpress installation to make a blog

and im now trying to understand magic behind blog ping lists and have some questions, i have read a lot here and there but opinion from ppl in this forum is for me more reliable and valuable than any other web

first HOW RELEVANT are ping lists. According to some ppl not having a really big and customized ping list could make your blog invisible to the world. But wht about search engines. They will catch the cotent at some point in the time anyway. The problem i suppose is that google is not gonna search your blog for new posts and categories every day and it will then take a lot of time for search engines to notice when u add new content. Am i wrong or right about this.

Second, if you look at wordpress default install in ping list it is written by default rpc pingomatic wich is supposed to ping to most aggregators or whtever is called. But ppl say tht you should not count only on pingomatic because it could be down randomly so you should add a long custom list. At the same time they say that doble pinging on a server could cause your blog to be marked as spammer. So if i have pingomatic which is pinging to all services and a big custom list along with it then whenever pingomatic is up it will be pinging to all other servers one time for my blog and the rest of the list will be pinging a second one, thus duplicate, thus spam. Am i right or just paranoid.

Thirds do you know of any plugin for wordpress or desktop, or online web to put lists of pings and check for duplicate and actual server response to know if that ping url really works, and even censoring of url pings know to be content scrapers. I have found a plugin for wordpress offering duplicate and url working check but only the first one works in actual version. Another one from ultimate plugin web is also near but fall in short. Any idea.

Finally add anything you want me to hear about ping list. Any comment, advice, or idea, would be appreciated.